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We are a professional manufacturer which integrating development, research, design, manufacturing, technical service .
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The empty bottle packing machine is used to pack empty bottle into plastic bags, it replaces the traditional manual packing, improve the production efficiency and reduce labor costs, achieve the complete product post-processing and automatic line production, effectively avoid the product contamination produced by hand touching, widely used in cosmetic, food, beverage, medicine and other fields .
The hot melt OPP labeling machine is main use OPP label ,which is the lowest price among all the labels. It is suitable for high-volume production lines, saving label cost for customers. And more flat and beautiful on the bottle.OPP label is non-toxic tasteless, pollution-free, stable chemical characteristics, environmental protection type of chemical products, in line with the national environmental protection requirements.
Automatic feed the pull-ring - ring-pull slipping slot – sleeve the ring to the bottle neck—first pressing of pull-ring - the second pressing of ring – complete and deliver to next process
--Used to lift or lower the product directly between floors; --Space saving design and increase plant utilization area; --Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance; --Conveying goods should not be too large and too heavy; --To adopt manual adjustable width device, suitable for a variety of product like bottles, cans, plastic boxes, cartons, cases; --Widely used in the manufacturing of beverages, foods, plastics, electronic components, printing paper, automotive parts and other industries.

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