What is Bottle Packaging Machine

Bottle Packing Machine
Bottle Packing Machine
LSN series is a Bottle bagging machine that is used to pack HDPE bottles, PET bottles, and so on. Have 2 models LSN-BS180 and LSN-BA200, this equipment replaced the traditional manual packing job, achieve production line automated job, immensely save labor cost and Improve Efficiency And Effectiveness. The Design of the equipment is simple and practical, easy to operate, covers an area of tiny. the control system adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC, increase the flexibility of function extensions. human-computer interface operation, convenience, and fast.
The adjustability of Longsn Bottle Packing Machine is strong, can pack sizes of plastic bags according to customer customized, These machines boast the smallest footprint available in the industry. Longsn Auto Baggers have the advantage of being able to position these machines in close proximity to, and in line with the blow molders using minimal floor space. A Standard Auto Bagger has a single in-feed conveyor that can pack (500 ml) 0-130 bottles/min (customized base on different bottles). Longsn LSN-BS180 uses pre-made gusseted plastic bags and LSN-BA200 Auto Baggers use pre-made gusseted plastic bags roll, which is automatic placed on the bag by the machine one by one. then the operator would remove full packs of bottles from the machine and place these packs onto a pallet/skid. Longsn standard Auto Baggers are designed to pack a wide range of containers (customized) square to rectangular to round bottles, all on the same machine with no change parts needed.
Every Auto Bagger is fitted with an HMI interface (touch screen) for managing all operations of the machine. The operator can store bottle settings and their parameters on the machine for future use. These machines have been applied to the plastic container packing industry for many years, the sales of the machines spread all over the world, in order to provide a perfect service to customers all over the world.
As a professional bottling machine manufacturer of product characteristics and customer-specific requirements, Longsn customizes auto bottles, baggers, for all kinds of different sizes and different shapes of bottles for customers, thus meet the special requirement from customers from different industries.
Freestanding in-feed conveyor whose speed can be adjusted
Bottle pusher with positioning devices
  Operator Touch Panel of 7 inches
  Displays of alarms and failing causes; warning signs for full bags
  Thermo device for sealing the bags
  Can pack different sizes of bottles and different shapes of bottles
  Operator language in English
  This machine is designed to pack rectangular empty plastic containers. This machine uses pre-made plastic bags roll, which are automatic placed on the bag by the machine one by one. It is capable to pack more than one type of bottles, and can be easily fulfilled by changing the bottle pusher and the transit sheet.

Different parts in bottle packaging machines line

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Specially designed for bottle packaging line of plastic ,beverage ,cosmetics,medicine ,dairy products industry etc.

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Longsn company factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, has more than 10 professional design and development teams, and more than 30 professional production and installation commissioning engineers. We adhere to the policy of "market-oriented, quality-oriented, service-guaranteed and reputation-based". Longsn Machines follows the ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system, establishes and improves the quality assurance system to ensure the quality and performance of the company's products.
Empty Bottle Packing Machine
Bottle Packing Machine
Empty Bottle Packaging Machine
Bottle Packaging Machine
Packaging Machine
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