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What must be considered when labeling machines with production lines?

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As is known to all that bottle labeling machines are more efficient, more labor can be saved, more stable operation, and increased productivity. Modern manufacturers are paying more and more attention to it. To take advantage of automatic labeling, it is necessary to dock the production line. It is recommended that the following points should be considered when docking. Let's read on to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the labeling machine:

1)Pipeline docking consideration for bottle labeling machine

2)Design considerations for labeling machines and lines

3)Other attentions


1) Pipeline docking consideration for bottle labeling machine

labeling machine and assembly line guardrail structure to ensure smooth docking, the intermediate transition will not affect the scratching or damage to the items.

Bay labeling machine and assembly line speed matching, the assembly line speed must be compatible with the labeling speed.

labeling machine automatic separation function or stop structure function.

labeling machine and the assembly line linkage structure, either belt or plate chain, the gap should be reasonable treatment.

Considering the overall space, shrink labeling machine manufacturers can use it effectively without interfering with other production equipment.

labeling machine should consider the shape, size and weight of the conveyed items.


2) Design considerations for labeling machines and lines

Independent automatic loading and unloading design is important. If the labeling machine can not be associated with the automatic assembly line, you can also consider the design of a relatively independent loading structure and drop collection structure, but also can give full play to the efficiency advantages of automatic labeling machine.

The method of automatic loading can be considered is closely related to the form of labeling items.

You can consider feeding milk bottles with a bottle manager; for some characteristic hardware and plastic parts, you can consider using a vibrating disc to divide the material; concerned about the shape of each plane of cardboard, you can consider using an automatic paging structure to feed the paper.


3) Other attentions

In addition to the labeling production of a certain station in the assembly line, in addition to some basic parameters of the assembly line, the following factors need to be noted.

(1) conveying surface height

(2) label winding direction

(3) walking and labeling direction

(4) Production line output and line speed

(5) Conveying direction and operation direction

(6) Are there any special requirements for the connection and interface of other machines on the production line?

(7) Is there enough space reserved for the labeling machine on the production line?

(8) Is the placement direction (standing or lying) of the object on the line and on the labeling machine consistent?


Hot melt labeling machine is used in conjunction with production lines. It is mainly a kind of automatic labeling machine mounted outside or standing on the side of the assembly line, which can directly support the labeling of flat, uneven workpiece surface or side of the production line. Fully automated equipment for unattended online labeling.

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