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What is a hot melt labeling machine?

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In the field of bottling lines and packaging machinery, many labeling machines have undergone many changes in the last decade. For example, pressure sensitive labs are now so popular that many people are familiar with them to some degree.

There are many excellent labeling technologies that offer many advantages in terms of labeling costs, and their performance depends on your product. One of these technologies is the hot glue labeling machine.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the hot melt labeling machine:

1)Principle of hot melt labeling machine 

2)Application of hot melt labeling machine

3)Choose us


1) Principle of hot melt labeling machine 

Hot melt labeling machines, also known as pre-cut labels, are the best machines for full packaging applications for square or round bottles. The hot melt system sprays glue particles on the bottle and drags them to the edge of the label before applying it to the bottle.

The advantages of hot melt cutting are the cheap price of the label and the continuous production capacity of the machine.

In other words, the user of the machine can add label stacks at any time during production without having to pause the machine. Our finished products must be properly marked and labeled, in compliance with industrial production laws. To achieve this goal, there is nothing better in our industry than having a labeling machine. These innovative teams provide us with properly identified and aesthetically pleasing products to continue the distribution process. hot melt labeling machines, also known as industrial marking machines, are undoubtedly a great partner in the manufacturing process of industrial series. The purpose of this equipment is to apply security labels, brand identification names, bar codes, ingredients, etc. on the items or finished products.


2) Application of hot melt labeling machine

hot melt labeling machine can be used for square bottles or round bottles. For example, cheese, soda, water, detergent, milk, water bottle, etc.

The main advantages of automatic labeling machine

Among the main advantages of automatic labeling machines, we can highlight their precision. These machines can place the labels where you want them, easily configure themselves and adapt to different production chains for different formats of goods.

hot melt labeling machines not only do a better job, but they are also faster. This allows you to label faster, which is essential if we don't want to stop the pace of our factory.

Since we are talking about adaptability, it is important to note that the automatic labeling machines are fully configurable and can be adjusted from top to bottom or left to right, without problems, to reach the labels located on the products, batches or pallets.

The label can be applied directly to the container without adjusting the labeler. This is usually done as it passes through the production line, because this way we save time and, most importantly, we avoid idling the machine.

Another key point is the integration in the production line. In this sense, automatic labeling machines can be used without any problem in combination with other devices, such as inkjet encoders. Compatibility is full and the possibilities are almost endless to print batch numbers, expiration dates or any related labeling information on the product at the same time.


3) Choose us

Finally, we must emphasize the robust design of the hot melt labeling machines, which guarantees their great durability. Product labeling is crucial because informing consumers about the composition or ingredients of our products will have a positive impact on the visibility of our brand.

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