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How to maintain hot melt labeling machines?

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The widely used labeling machines include flat self-adhesive labeling machines, printing labeling machines, OPP hot melt labeling equipment, double-sided labeling machines and so on. Each machine has its own unique features and advantages. However, the disadvantages, problems and troubleshooting are also related to them. Now, we will tell you the common problems and troubleshooting of OPP hot melt labeling machine. Not only that, we will also provide you with solutions. In this way, you will have a better understanding of hot melt labeling machine.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the opp labeling machine:

1)Label breakage or failure (cause)

2)Other problems with hot melt labeling machine 

3)Choose us


1) Label breakage or failure (cause)

There are two reasons for label lamination failure. We will explain to them as follows.

1) Improper adjustment of the rollers on the labeling machine can cause the rollers to crush the backing paper at the edge of the label, resulting in label breakage.

2) The finished label is too tight, causing the glue in the adhesive to be squeezed out, resulting in bleeding. The oozing glue will stick to the back of the backing paper, making it difficult to loosen the whole roll of labels, leading to label breakage.


1) Adjust the rollers to control the labeling pressure during the labeling process.

2) Controlling the temperature in the labeling process will improve the labeling effect.


2. Missing standard (cause)

Not meeting the standard is also a common problem with the OPP hot melt labeling machine sold. There are two reasons for this problem. These reasons are as follows.

1) The electrical sensitivity of the object being measured is not good.

2) The labeling speed is too slow, or the conveyor belt speed is too fast.


1) Check and adjust the electrical sensitivity.

2) Adjust the standard feeding speed and conveyor belt speed.

3) Unstable labeling position and poor labeling accuracy.


2) Other problems with hot melt labeling machine

There are various other problems with OPP hot melt labeling equipment. When you are planning to buy from an OPP hot melt labeling machine supplier, it is important that you understand these problems and their solutions. You can also ask the supplier to provide you with a troubleshooting guide. However, these problems and their solutions are mentioned below.

1) The tape pressing device may not be pressed tightly, resulting in loose standard tape and inaccurate detection by the measuring sensor.

2) The traction mechanism of OPP hot melt labeling machine is slipping or not pressed tightly, so that the backing paper cannot be removed smoothly, resulting in different label output length.


(1) tape runaway, loosen the traction mechanism, pull the label back and forth, so that it goes straight. After the label is aligned, clamp the limit ring on both sides to guide the label.

(2) labeling tape direction and product delivery direction is not parallel, can be adjusted by adjusting the labeling head tilt to achieve parallel.


3) Choose us

Finally, we must emphasize the robust design of the hot melt labeling machines, which guarantees their great durability. Product labeling is crucial because informing consumers about the composition or ingredients of our products will have a positive impact on the visibility of our brand.

You can contact us for more information about hot melt labeling machines and Bottle Filling machines related equipment. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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