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Automatic Servo 1-5L Bottle Jerrycan Edible Engine Lube Lubricant Oil Filling Capping Machine

This is a servo piston filling machine designed for 1-5L oil or high viscosity liquid products, using PLC and servo motor control, compared with the traditional filling machine, greatly improve the filling precision. By setting the parameters on the touch screen, the filling capacity can be arbitrarily adjusted. The operation is simple and easy to understand. The fast interface and the use of servo bellows make the machine easy to disassemble and maintain and greatly save working time.
Bottle Volume:
  • LFD-F6

The oil inline filling machine is the latest type of filling machine independently developed by our company. The performance of the product reaches the international leading level. PLC control, equipped with brand touch screen, smooth operation, no leakage phenomenon. The parameters are adjustable, simple and convenient, and the filling dose can be accurately calibrated, controlled within 0.5% of the filling dose. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, will not pollute the material, is the best choice of oil high viscosity liquid filling.

Oil Bottling Filling Machine is realized by the man-machine dialogue interface under the operation and control of high-speed PLC. It realizes the linear stepless speed regulation transmission through the human-machine dialogue interface, and can adjust the filling capacity arbitrarily. It can be equipped with a pneumatic gland or a capping device to form a multi-station one-machine multi-functional production line. The filling machine assembly line integrates machine, electricity and gas into one, with unique design, complete functions, stable performance, high quality and beautiful appearance.

oil filling machine

Product name
 oil filling capping machine
filling range
filling speed
LFD-F4:  1L(1000BPH), 5L(800BPH)
LFD-F6:  1L(1800BPH), 5L(1200BPH)
LFD-F6:  1L(2200BPH), 5L(1600BPH)
LFD-F12:  1L(3500BPH), 5L(2800BPH)
filling accuracy
220/380V 50/60Hz
air pressure
machine size

oil filling machine

Automatic capping machine: 


1. The machine use the straight line into the bottle, automatically arrange caps, sleeving caps ,caps after sleeve and check will go into the gland system by the clamping bel.

2. Due to the lid-cover flat belt design have a drop of slop, the caps after press will become more and more tightly.

3. The machine has simple structure, convenient adjustment, production speed fast, high pass rate, after cap pressing has good performance, suitable for cap pressing of foodstuff, soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil's bottle shape.

bottle capping machine

bottle capping machine



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