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Auto Bottle Cap Wad Lid Liner Inserting Putting Machine

The cap lining/wadding machine is the automatic machine developed to insert liner/wad/foil/foam into bottle caps. the machine can be customized according to customer caps/lids , such as oil bucket cap, oil bottle cap, flip-top cap, vinegar cap, beverage cap, water cap and cosmetic cap etc.
  • LSN-L2

The machine can be widely used in bottle factory, gasket factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, daily chemical plants, oil plants, packing plants and other mechanical equipment.

 Equipment characteristics:

Original Japan PLC control, man-machine interfere,intelligent recognition of defective products are automatically rejected. Production figures can be set. When automatic alarm is on it can shut down.

a. This machine replaces the handwork. It automatically inserts the liner into the bottle cap, and can raise work efficiency greatly.

B.Reasonable Liner Sealing, Fast speed, High efficiency, Safe and Sanitary product.

c. Suitable for situation which requests the hygiene condition strictly, avoiding second pollution to the material, economizing a disinfectant craft;

d. Sorting Cap System attaches the function of cap elimination, in order to make sure every finished bottle cap upward.

e. Transfer and transport the cap and accurate targeting system;

f. The whole machine adopts PLC to control. If there’s no chip, no cap, it will alarm;

g. Having auto-count function, choosing the suitable gaskets into cap, getting rid of waster which have no gaskets inside after filling gaskets into the cap;

h. The whole machine efficiency is higher, if the diameter of cap is 30-50 mm, the speed is 70 caps per minute;

i. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, power 0.5KW.

wad inserting machine

Technical parameters:

Model  LSN-L2
Speed 60-120pcs/minute(customization)
Size 2500*1850*1800mm
Air pressure 0.5m³/h
Weight 580KG
Power 220V 50-60HZ,0.45KW

liner insert machine

cap liner inserting machine



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    Phone : +86-15995983945
   Add : No.8 Jiangfan Road , High Technology Industrial Zone , Zhangjiagang City , Jiangsu Province , China

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